About Us

Gaia Technologies is the brainchild of green infrastructure pioneer Paul Mankiewicz, PhD – a natural progression of Paul’s lifelong effort into extensive environmental research, patented green technological development and non-profit management to create a service that has the knowledge necessary to construct optimized green infrastructure projects that meet your needs. Our team combines industry-leading scientific and engineering experience with an unparalleled attention to detail and monitoring of project effectiveness.

GaiaSoil, manufactured by Gaia Technologies, is our patented, ultra-light weight roof media.  GaiaSoil is one of the tools in our Green Infrastrucutre Toolkit.

We are centered in close delivery range to major northeast urban centers; Washington DC, Baltimore, Wilmington, Camden, Philadelphia, Trenton, Boston, New Haven, Hartford,- and easy access to Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken and New York City.

Gaia Technologies works to integrate native plantings and water capture with your specific site, based on historic rainfall and potential deluge, helping vegetation stay alive by incorporating and eliminating runoff and the erosion and pollution it carries to local streams, rivers, and estuaries. From new development to retrofits, we design and build facilities into the the flows of water, making infrastructure an aesthetic contribution to local ecology.

The purpose of Gaia Technologies is to construct demonstrations incorporating functional ecological features in backyards, communities, towns and cities, as well as watersheds and estuaries, -enhanced through integrated wastes-into-resources technologies. Gaia Technologies couples ecological engineering and restoration with the integration of human communities in natural systems.

Green roofs and walls work to change the climate in and around buildings, lowering energy costs. Transportation and industrial infrastructure can be designed and constructed to incorporate storm water into soils and living architecture. Gaia Technologies re-purposes, re-directs, and recycles the waste stream to increase ecological productivity, biodiversity, and environmental quality together with economic well being.

Environmental engineering minimizes harm, but our work shows how to capture and filter runoff from roadways in soils, deliver water to native plantings, build Nature into landscapes where we live and work.

We are a full-service green infrastructure resource, meaning that we will design your green infrastructure project from the ground up based on your specific requirements and expectations, build your green infrastructure project and monitor the benefits that your green infrastructure project brings to you, your clients and the city as a whole.

Green infrastructure can be adapted to work with any sort of property, ranging from warehouses to parking lots to residential homes. Allow us to see what type of green infrastructure project works best for you!