St. Simon Stock

A 300 square foot green roof has been established at the St. Simon Stock Convent building on 182nd Street and Riyer Avenue in the Bronx. Soil tensiometers monitoring soil water holding capacity have shown the ultra-lightweight GaiaSoil to be effective in maintaining adequate moisture levels even for rain events as much as two weeks apart, supporting plant growth, and acting as buffers, keeping a large fraction of incoming rainfall out of the storm sewers.

A 3,500 square foot green roof was constructed above the St. Simon Stock Elementary School, and precision monitoring equipment including a weather station, thermo-couples, and soil moisture probes were installed to serve educational goals, as well as helping to monitor how much water is held and used by the soil and plants under varying rainfall and climatic conditions. The Gaia Institute also developed a mathematical model, now in use by Gaia Technologies, to predict the quantity of stormwater capture that green roofs can provide in urban stormsewersheds