GaiaSoil is the revolutionary, ultra-lightweight green roof solution. Now, Green Roofs can grow nearly everywhere!

Green Roofs / Green Walls

Our green roofs and green walls are full-service.

What this means is that we will design, build, install and maintain your green roof or green wall throughout its lifespan. All green roof/green wall design and fabrication is performed in-house by our engineers, including the production of our patented GaiaSoil. The installation and subsequent monitoring is also performed by Gaia Technologies staff to insure that we have oversight of the entire process from start to finish.

Shoreline Protection and Restoration

The best way to protect your assets from storm surges and flooding is through prevention. Our expertise in green infrastructure is not limited to green roofs, green walls and swales. We provide services that protect, restore and maintain shorelines to reduce the damage inflicted by storms unto vulnerable pieces of public and private infrastructure

Rain Gardens / Swales

Gaia Technologies is able to turn sidewalks into powerful and effective stormwater-control mechanisms by utilizing the porespace of soil and the evapo-transpiration potential of native flora while increasing the aesthetic and property value of neighborhoods where our swales are constructed. Green infrastructure does not have to have a large footprint to generate serious stormwater-capturing results.


Not all of our clients want a green infrastructure project completed from the ground up. Our experienced team offers consulting services for any green infrastructure project – whether it is as small scale as a single swale or as large scale as an entire shoreline for a barrier island.  Our consulting services include assessments of viability for prospective green infrastructure projects as well.