Gaia Technologies employs some of the longest-serving green infrastructure experts in the industry, and our expansive network of specialists – including academic researchers, allows us to provide consulting services for any type of green infrastructure project. If you are in the process of constructing your own green infrastructure project and you run into difficulties at any step of the process, let us help you resolve these issues before they turn into costly mistakes.

Since Gaia Technologies designs, builds and maintains a wide array of green infrastructure projects, we have the experience and expertise to provide those same services to you in piecemeal. Our consulting services include but are not limited to: a review and assessment for the viability of already existing designs, structural and engineering analyses, cost-saving strategies for sourcing materials, logistics and construction, and developing monitoring strategies for already completed projects to determine their efficacy.

As scientists and engineers, we believe in effective design and most importantly: results. Unfortunately, there are many green infrastructure projects standing today that do not meet our exacting standards. These projects simply do not fulfill the need that they were designed for, or under-perform for the amount of resources and money that went into constructing them. There are many reasons for a specific green infrastructure project’s shortcomings and rarely is that reason a lack of funds during the project’s development. Very often, an adjustment to the project’s design or a more streamlined method of logistics could have saved a large amount of time and money during the construction process and ultimately resulted in a more functional, cheaper product.

Don’t let your project go over budget or fail to meet the needs of your clients and community. Speak to us today and let our team help you make the most out of your green infrastructure investment.

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