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Whether you’re looking for a full extensive or intensive green roof, or something more modular – we’ve got you covered.

Our green roofs are ultra-lightweight due to our use of GaiaSoil, which is almost three times lighter than standard soil, and other lightweight materials throughout its construction. We understand the necessity for a lightweight greenroof since the weight of a greenroof can compromise the structural integrity of the building. In fact, this is the primary concern that our clients have when considering a greenroof installation – how much is it going to cost to reinforce their already existing roof to bear the additional weight of soil and plants? Thankfully, with our design, this cost could be minimized or eliminated entirely.



If you’re not ready to commit to a traditional green roof, we offer many modular options that could be removed or re-arranged as you see fit. We use cutting-edge planter designs that utilize water and nutrients as efficiently as possible to provide the green space you want while keeping upkeep to a minimum and allowing you greater control of how your roof is used.

We use recycled materials in our designs that remove plastic and glass from the waste stream so not only will your green roof, green wall or planters benefit the environment through stormwater reduction, heating & cooling cost reduction, air quality increase and habitat production for native plants & pollinators, but it will also reduce the amount of waste making it into our rivers, oceans and landfills. We try to up-cycle every material we use because we want to do our part in preserving the environment and we think you will appreciate it as well.

Green roofs, green walls and planters are an important component in obtaining a LEED-certification. Included in your green infrastructure purchase is a consultation on how many points your green project will go towards in obtaining a certification you and your clients will be proud of.

Most of all, our designs are modern and beautiful. Numerous studies show that providing green space elevates the mood of employees and passerby and contributes to increased workplace efficiency. We pay close attention to the aesthetics of our designs because we want you to enjoy the physical space of your project in addition to the benefits it provides. There are many opportunities to commercialize your green space – whether you want to set up a vendor or provide recreational space to employees, clients and the public at large. Very often, our green roofs pay for themselves.

The benefits are endless, so contact us and let us help you in bringing your property to the next level!

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