Shoreline Protection and Restoration

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy inflicted $65 Billion in damages within the United States alone. New York City was severally impacted by Hurricane Sandy as a result of the catastrophic storm surge and widespread flooding. The best defense against this type of natural occurrence is our shorelines, which help prevent the floodwater from entering further inland and causing damage to vulnerable pieces of infrastructure.

Dr. Paul Mankiewicz, Founder and Lead Designer at Gaia Technologies has seen the need for shoreline protection in the early-90s. Today, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and facing the threat of future storms, the necessity for shoreline resiliency is more important than ever. Our expertise in capital projects such as shoreline restoration and our vast supply network allows us to take on projects of this scale.

Shorelines that have already been damaged through storm activity or simply long-term erosion require restoration to preserve the value of properties located on them. Our team will design, rebuild and reinforce the shoreline based around your needs in the most efficient and effective way possible to prevent further damage.

If you are a private entity and interested in this service, you are not expected to take on the cost of this entire project alone. Our team will work with you to navigate the process of acquiring government grants and assistance available to help you fund the cost of this type of project.

Investing in shoreline resiliency is an integral component of preventing future damage associated with storms and erosion. Contact Gaia Technologies and find out how shoreline repair can benefit you and the people around you.

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