Why GaiaSoil?


The latest greenroofs need to use the best available technology to maximize their performance – that’s why we at Gaia Technologies engineered a revolutionary greenroof media that we call Gaiasoil. GaiaSoil is our patented, ultra-lightweight greenroof media that is integral to our green infrastructure projects and performs better than our closest competitors. It’s much more lightweight than any other greenroof media and holds more water to insure that your plants stay healthier for longer. Because GaiaSoil is so lightweight, it gives roots the ability to grow larger and faster thus allowing plants to propagate more quickly. With GaiaSoil, there is no need to apply a drainage or base layer of a different media – our licensed roofers simply waterproof your roof using a polyurea coating and add the GaiaSoil. Fewer greenroof layers mean fewer things can go wrong, which significantly reduces greenroof maintenance costs. The immense water holding capacity of GaiaSoil means that it will never get waterlogged during a heavy rainstorm and eliminates the need for complex and expensive drainage systems.

There is truly no substitute for the unparalleled performance of GaiaSoil.

GaiaSoil Specifications Comparison

 GaiaSoilTop Competitor Average Topsoil
Weight (unsaturated)10-12 lb/ft³40-55 lb/ft³74 lb/ft³ (avg)
Weight (saturated)30-34 lb/ft³70-80 lb/ft³111 lb/ft³ (avg)
Water Holding Capacity (as a percentage of dry weight)183-200%45-75%50%
Bulk Density (dry)0.13-0.28 g/cm³0.64-0.88 g/cm³1.18 g/cm³
Recycled Material95%n/a0%